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Kara Zor-El is the daughter of Zor-El and his wife Alura In-Ze. She is the cousin of Superman, Lana Lang's foster niece and a member of the Justice League of America.Kara also believed the key to Argo City, her home town, lied somewhere in the city.Supergirl and Power Girl found themselves battling the Saturn Queen and Ultraman (posing as Superman), villains who had established themselves in Kandor.Zor-El (father, deceased)Allura In-Ze (mother, deceased)Jor-El (uncle, deceased)Lara Lor-Van (aunt, deceased)Kal-El (cousin), Jonathan Samuel Kent (second cousin), Lana Lang (foster aunt), Kon-El/Conner Kent (genetic cousin), Christopher Kent (foster cousin), Kem-L (ancestor, deceased), Rao (ancestor) Some of us try hard to make the world a better place than it was when we found it. When Brainiac returned to consume Argo City, Kara's parents had no choice but to send her in a rocket headed for Earth. After Brainiac's attack, Kara's father created a force-field around Argo using a Brainiac Probe.The evil Kara claimed that she was sent to Earth by Zor-El for the sole purpose of killing the infant Kal-El.

Brainiac 5 secretly worked with Sev Tcheru to perfect the Chronexus technology by making it a real, but limited time machine. When this was revealed, Saturn Girl convinced Kara that she should go back to her native era.

After some initial confusion, Superman and Batman found Kara and placed her in training with by Wonder Woman.

Kara was later was captured by Darkseid, and after being brainwashed, attacked her own cousin.

She was revered as a member of the Superman family.

Upon her arrival, she concluded that she was "dreaming" the Legion and that the 31st century wasn't real.

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Sev Tcheru wiped out Kara's memory of the Legion right before she went, as knowledge of future history was considered dangerous.

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